Am I a Millennial?

Many questions have been raised recently about the exact age range of the ever so loved (that’s sarcasm) generation of Millennials.  This morning at The Perk Coffee House, I learned […]

Expecting a Baby at Christmastime 2

This Christmas season is a little different for us than normal. With a newborn on the way and Christmas falling on a Sunday, our normal family traditions have shifted to […]

Overcoming The Monday Mind Games

It’s Monday. Need some motivation? Mine came from my husband, Johnathan, stopping this morning and praying over my life & specifically my to-do list. I’m convinced to-do lists are little […]

What We Don’t Even Know 2

There are overwhelming moments where my soul longs to be close to Jesus. I imagine what it would be like to have him physically next to me. The longing helps […]

Top 5 Things Not to Say to Pregnant Women 8

I called the local college and the results are in. Unfortunately, they will not allow me to teach a 101 course on the subject material. So that’s pretty disappointing. But […]