No One Would Ever Have To Know

Words from my sister, Laura…

“This isn’t something I share often, but my heart is heavy with it tonight… When I was expecting my daughter, my doctor advised me to abort her. I had a medical condition that required surgery and she would only perform it if I allowed her to terminate my pregnancy. She told me my baby would have all sorts of problems and would never have a “normal” life. She told me no one would ever have to know. 

She told me no one would ever have to know. 

I am thankful every day when I look at my beautiful, healthy daughter that this was not an option for me. People will say “it’s a woman’s body” and “we don’t understand her circumstances”, but I do understand. I understand being young and pregnant, poor, unmarried, and afraid. I know what it’s like to face a life threatening medical condition while pregnant. I know what it’s like to hear that your baby will have mental and physical issues. 

I have also counseled enough women to understand the painful aftermath coming from an abortion. Don’t judge them, comfort them. Society and

Don’t judge them, comfort them. 

Society and government have lied to them and they are the biggest victim in this. Most people won’t even do research on what abortion entails because it is so disturbing. If you don’t have the stomach to understand it then please don’t have the stomach to vote for it. A woman’s body isn’t made of 2 heads, 2 hearts, and 2 different sets of DNA. No one should have the right to choose murder. Don’t play God. He doesn’t make mistakes. Always choose life and all the blessings it brings. We have to get this right.

Words from me…

It’s easy to take myself back to that time. It was the summer I was fifteen, desperately waiting to be sixteen. My older sister was home from college with her boyfriend. My mom, sister, and I were chatting in the kitchen that afternoon. The kitchen is our central hub at Mom and Dad’s house. It always has been. As I hopped up onto the counter to sit, my mom asked why my sister’s boyfriend was pacing around.

My sister boldly said (and much more calmly than I can even believe), “Well, my surgery was canceled.”

“Wait, why?” asked my mom.

“Because I’m pregnant.”

Sliding silently off the counter, I crept out of the room. Middle children have a way of knowing exactly when to get lost. They told my dad later that night. It was scary. Not because of my parent’s response, but because of the situation. I’ll never forget my sister’s bravery. We all knew what the road ahead was going to look like for her. It wasn’t going to be easy.

That night we sat on my bed and talked. She said, “I’m excited.”

And I smiled back and said, “Me too. I hope it’s a girl.”

The road proved to be difficult. My sister’s surgery still had to happen before the baby was due. The doctor that performed the surgery, valued the life of the little one inside of her. We sat in the waiting room and prayed.

In all of God’s wonderment, they told us that not only was the baby fine but that the precious little one had moved as far away from the surgery as it could. God gave the baby the instincts in the womb to move.

My sweet little niece arrived in February and my family was overjoyed. This little one has a purpose. She was created by God and I’m thankful for her life. We cannot always control what our government decides, but we can control what we decide. In the words of my sister…

“Always choose life and all the blessings it brings. We have to get this right.”




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3 thoughts on “No One Would Ever Have To Know

  • Kristine Hood

    God is so proud of your choices, Laura! And what a sweet girl you allowed into being. No mistakes were made! I love the part where she moved “away from the surgery”. God is so good! 🙂

    • Laura Willis

      Thank you! I also love that she moved away… atleast now I do. 🙂 At the time it was very scary. The doctors had been monitoring her heartbeat before and during the surgery. When I woke up they told me they had lost her heartbeat sometime during the surgery and it did not look promising. They checked it again, no heartbeat. One of the nurses said “let me try” and sure enough, the little stinker had moved all the way to the opposite side! Before I left the hospital, they checked again and she was back in the middle. If you know her, she is still one tenacious little girl!

  • Trina

    What an incredible story! It shows you how God can take a circumstance, which seems so hopeless in the mist of it, and turn it into something beautiful. The world is a better place because of the decision you made as a scared young woman in persevering the life of your precious daughter.