Expecting a Baby at Christmastime

This Christmas season is a little different for us than normal. With a newborn on the way and Christmas falling on a Sunday, our normal family traditions have shifted to a little less extended family time and a little more time with our community here in Fort Wayne. We also are having more time in our home with our family of four very soon to be five. Well only if we don’t count Marcie, our sweet dog, and Hot Mama, our minivan, which are both very essential parts of our family.

Every Christmas season, I do my best to focus my devotions to Luke’s gospel where we find the most poetic version of the Christmas story.

This year, I’ve found myself less intentionally sitting down with my Bible and going over the story. Rather, my little one growing safely inside of me has offered a new mental state of devotion to the Christmas story this season. It’s a rare gift to be pregnant in a way that parallels with Mary.

As my due date approaches, I’ve been worried about traveling an hour to my families. I’ve been worried about staying overnight, because what if the baby decides to come?

My mind wanders to Mary who traveled just before the birth of Jesus. She didn’t even have heated seats like my beloved “Hot Mama.” She didn’t have a medical facility nearby. She most definitely did not have a typed out birth plan.

All that she lacked compared to me, I’m convicted of the one thing she didn’t.

She had faith. Faith that God was in charge and He would play out the story exactly how He desired right down to the very last detail.

He knew when Jesus would come.
He knew where Jesus would be born.
He knew it all and Mary had to trust blindly that all would turn out alright.

It convicts my heart about my modern day privilege of on-call doctors, 24-hour medical facilities every so many miles, and my life of privilege traveling in heated seats.

My heart lands on the verse where Mary’s heart is about to burst in joy.

…Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.
Luke 2:19

I imagine her at a loss for words because her heart is so full. Her physical body uncomfortable after undergoing the most painful experience she’d ever encountered, yet her soul rejoiced at the newborn Savior in her arms.

Every waddling step was worth it.

I don’t know the day my baby is coming. I don’t know all the details. But I do know one thing for sure. The moment that sweet miracle of a child is laid on my chest, my words will fail me. My soul will rejoice and my heart will overflow.

Every waddling step will be worth that moment as I ponder the goodness of my Heavenly Father who sent His Son into the world for us and blessed my soul with another little son.

All to Thee, I owe. Thank You Lord for the personal lesson You shared with me through Mary’s story. I’ll trust You with the details.

And thank you for Hot Mama.

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2 thoughts on “Expecting a Baby at Christmastime

  • Patricia Fry

    Truly love and appreciate your Christmastime story, beautifully told as usual. We, your family, are excited and ready to meet your newborn baby! ❤️

  • Dianne Eager

    Luv this.., thanks for all your gifts~ shared so beautifully/ thoughtfully/ challenging ❤????…its hard sometimes to stay current with all the “media” options (?❤!) while still processing life/the Yuletide Season/ caring for Dear Mum..etc etc . but I always am blessed to realize all the splendid joys to be shared by staying connected …. and not isolated by circumstances … ❤????Blessings three SONS are very beautiful…!