The Three Little Pigs & Building Your Platform

I just got my inbox under 15 emails (always disappointed that no one applauds me after this) so I’m taking a little break and I wanted to share this with you.

Today is my sweet little one’s 3rd birthday.

Three. My Beckett.

Almost every day, Beckett asks me to tell him about the big, baaaad wolf! He says it in a dramatic pose elevating the volume of his voice with every syllable. If you know Beck, you know he hits the high notes frequently. Second born children learn to be loud.

So I do my best to tell the story in the most dramatic, entertaining fashion and his little mind can barely wait until I say in a whisper. “Deep in the woods lived the…” and he stumbles over his words to say,

“the big, baaaad WOLF!”

This morning he snuck into our room and snuggled up to me and said, “Mom will you tell me the big bad wolf story?” I smiled to myself because what he didn’t know was that his daddy and I stayed up late creating a Three Little Pigs scene for him just so that I could tell him the story.

He loves the story so much and I tell it so often, I truly believe I can sleep while I tell it. (Mom’s gotta sleep sometime.)

Last night as I was up feeding his little brother and thinking about how excited he would be to have handmade toys of the story to play with, my mind shifted to what I had told the boys the last time I told them the story.

There’s a lesson in every story.

That’s when God starting nudging my heart. It felt like him saying, “Sara, there’s a lesson in this story for you.” So I racked my brain for a little while and this is what I landed on.

Recently, I’ve been quiet about my book endeavor. If you didn’t follow along before, you can check out the series, The Making of a Writer and hear about my journey.

The short version is that last summer, many people joined in cheering for me as I finished the writing of my book. It was great and I even wrote an article called The Finish Line because when I finished that last chapter, I truly felt like I had crossed it.

Maybe I did cross the finish line of writing it, but it no longer feels like it’s finished. As I’ve entered, the get it published phase, I realized I was barely up the foot of the mountain.

To be honest, it’s frustrating and it crazy hard work. I want it to be easy. I want it to be fun. I want so badly to get that email that says, “Yes, let’s publish!”

But it hasn’t happened yet. Right now, it’s all about building my platform, meaning building my audience. (That’s you, by the way, so thanks for reading.)

That little story I can tell in my sleep, the story of the Three Little Pigs held the lesson my heart has needed to hear for weeks.

Good work is hard work.

Just like the little pigs that took shortcuts and built their houses out of straw and sticks, I desire the easy road. Even more so, I desire the quicker method. But…

Good work is hard work.

So I’ll keep building this up one reader at a time. I’ll keep allowing God to lead both in direction and pace. Don’t we want so badly to build our houses of our calling up quickly? We settle for less than what we need because we want it now and the worst part is that they’ll eventually get blown down.

That’s the thing. Platforms can be built quickly with click-bait titles, money, and writing messages people want to hear. That’s not what I want for myself.

Don’t settle for a straw house or a stick house and I won’t either. Let’s agree to build our houses brick by brick on a foundation that will never get blown down.

Thanks for reading friends. I’d love for you to subscribe and hear about the latest news regarding my journey.

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2 thoughts on “The Three Little Pigs & Building Your Platform

  • Amber Harpe

    Not a Millennial…but love my niece, and her heart. I would feel privileged and blessed to read anything she writes. Not only is she writing it, but she is living it…daily!!! Sara, those little pig houses are soo cute! Bet those made your story come alive. Love you much!