When God Puts Someone on Your Heart

Significant strangers.

That’s what we are. She and I met over five years ago in a Panera Bread. We didn’t have common friends or know each other through church. We didn’t meet through work or a social event. She’s just a significant stranger, one that had the courage to break social boundaries and talk to me.

We both knew immediately we were kindred spirits.

Our story is one of my favorites. It’s beautiful really, how God interwove our individual lives together. I love to tell it. If you see me, ask me to share it and I’ll try to talk slow enough for you to understand me. I talk fast when I’m excited and I stumbled over all the words.

Today, I hopped in Hot Mama (my minivan) and started to head home. I pulled out my phone to check it before I left (classic Millennial, I know) and there was a text from her.

“You’ve been on my heart. How are things going for you?”

You’ve been on my heart.

I know God did that. He always does. He always uses His people to encourage one another.

I needed encouragement today. Because it’s Monday.

Because I’m not sure what my next step is and my projects seem bigger than I can chew. And He knew. And He put me on her heart. It’s not the first time she reached out to me at just the right time. He leads her and she follows.

Last week, God put a dear friend on my heart in the middle of the night. I prayed and prayed for her. I prayed that God would encourage her.

The next morning, I texted her to let her know. There is always the question of should I tell someone when I’m praying for them? Does it follow the don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing? Pretty much that means, don’t over share your good works. Be quiet about it.

I decided to share with her and you know what, she needed it.

She needed to know that God was intervening for her. She needed a sweet, simple reminder that He hadn’t left her side.

When God puts someone on your heart. For any reason, at any time, lift up a prayer for them and then let them know. It may be exactly what they need today.

Much love, friends.


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3 thoughts on “When God Puts Someone on Your Heart

  • Kris Hood

    It only took once of my not listening to God’s prompting to reach out to a friend. I found out later she needed to hear encouragement that I withheld. I have tried hard not to make that mistake twice. I love how God nudges us toward an action. I love it even more when I listen and act! Your heart is so big Sara. I love it!

  • Patricia Fry

    Love this article, Sara. The part which touched me was about woman who broke the social strangers barrier and reached out to encourage you. And, how she continues to follow through as an encourager to you as God puts it on her heart to do so!