Life Group for Our Actual Lives

If you know me well, or just a little, you know that running is not my thing.

So when it’s an extremely cold day, or raining, or snowing, or even perfect weather for that matter, if I pass someone running in my neighborhood I want to stop, roll down the window and cheer for them like a crazy lady.

I want to cheer them on and yes, I’m very aware this is socially awkward and inappropriate. It’s just awesome that they are doing the hard work. It’s good for them, it’s not easy, and especially if it’s a Monday, I’m like way to go, you amazing person.

One night during our life group, I got the very same urge to roll down my metaphorical window and cheer like a crazy lady.

We were watching a short video on Jonah from the Bible. (It was on Right Now Media and I think you should check it out if you haven’t heard of it.) In the video, the speaker asked us to think through the storms God has sent in our lives. We had a pretty surface level, classic churchy-answers discussion.

That’s when she spoke up.

There was something that had happened in her life recently that made our simplistic theology hard to shallow. With a shaky voice, she raised the question of the theology we were discussing.

She couldn’t be superficial. She needed to talk through the storm in her heart in that very moment. And with bravery, she raised her voice and plummeted our group discussion to the ground. The real, living on this sinful, painful earth ground.

And I wanted to start rolling down my window so I could cheer for her like a crazy lady. Guys, why is it so darn hard to be authentic in that setting?

Why? Why? Why? It’s what it’s for. It’s why we do what we do so that we can cling to God’s word and thrust it into our ACTUAL lives.

So the next time you’re in a Christian conversation and your purpose is to study the Bible or a topic or whatever. Just know this, the second you are brave enough to raise your voice and share the authenticity of your actual life, I’m cheering for you. Like. A. Crazy. Lady.

You know what, I bet the people in the room will be cheering for you too. When you go there, when you take the discussion to a place of authentic application, they get to follow.

That’s something to get enthusiastic about friends.

Much love,


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