I Want You to Love Jesus

A few years ago, my husband and I went to dinner with a couple and honestly I wish the interaction was videotaped. Almost every subject that was brought up we had opposite opinions on.

They loved to cook together and try fancy new recipes. We love to order pizza.

They had no interest in sports. We have a mild to moderate obsession.

They didn’t like kids. Ours were flinging ranch across the restaurant.

Seriously, it was funny. Did we like them? Yes. Do we wish them well? Absolutely! Do we plan to get together every week? Probably not. Why? It feels good when people like what we like. It feels even better when people love what we love.

In our world, we are constantly trying to get people to like what we like, to love what we love, and to care about what we care about. It’s just the way we are. We recommend products to each other. We recommend restaurants and when our friends try it out and they tell us they loved it; we beam with pride and say, “We told you it was good!” This desire for people to like what we like and love what we love is in our nature.

Here’s the deal. Listen closely. This is not the same with Jesus.

I want you to love Jesus.

I’ll never shy away from that. I want you to love Him with everything that you are. But Jesus isn’t just my thing. I don’t want you to love Jesus just so that I can beam with pride and say, “I told you He was awesome!”

It’s different if I recommend what pizza place you should order from or a movie you should watch. You know why?

He died for you before I even knew His name.
He loved you before I ever loved Him.

Maybe some of us stepped in a church first.
Maybe some of us learned how to read His Word first.

You finding Jesus later than me doesn’t mean He’s less yours than He is mine.

Jesus wants you to love Him.

Your experience with Him will be different than mine. You’ll find yourself recommending Him to your friends, not so that they will like what you like and love what you love, but because you know how much Jesus loves them.

If you don’t know Jesus, today would be a perfect day to get to know Him.
If you’ve always felt like He was other people’s thing and not for you, let Him show you differently.

Jesus is for you.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

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