Trust Fall

Hey, friends, I haven’t written here in awhile for a laundry list of reasons, but I’m glad you stopped by. When we rounded the corner of 2016 to 2017, we decided on a word for the year. We were anticipating a big year with a new baby expected in January, my book proposal going to publishers in February, and Johnathan transitioning to the high school ministry. Naturally, we decided on the word, “whoa.” It truly felt like the right word for the year we were going to walk into. We were hopeful it would be a positive spin on the word “whoa,” like whoa God, no way!

Now, as we enter my favorite season and are three-fourths of the way through the year, it’s hard not to feel like our word for the year is laughing at us. Whoa was prophetic as a way of preparation.

On a night covered with freezing rain, we rushed to the hospital and met our third little one, Bear. He changed our world in the very best way. In February, as I snuggled my little one, I got email after email of “No” responses from publishers. We got a few maybes, a lot of positive feedback, and hope for the future for a newly revised proposal. One publishing company even had a lively discussion about the content of the book, and that made all those no’s a little more bearable.

In late spring, we decided as a family that it was time for me to step down from my role as The Perk Director. Transitioning from two to three kids is no joke, and I constantly felt like I was failing week to week trying to keep up with life. The Perk is dear to my heart. When I finally made the decision, I had to coach myself to write up a mock resignation letter, because writing the official one at first was just too painful. The hardest part to let go of was the team. They are some of my very favorite people. I miss them even more than the free caffeine.

I’m learning after three kids that you should call off from everything in their first year of life.”Hi, this is Sara I won’t be able to come to work today or the grocery store or church or my friends birthday party… because I’m trying to keep a little human alive.” Okay, maybe not quite so bad.

So here we are. It’s fall of 2017.

Through this year, I see myself transforming into something different than I was before. I see myself getting tougher, more secure, and definitely more prepared. Although naivety served me well, I’m leaving it behind in my story. It’s time to face up to what life really looks like and stop pretending that Disney princesses are real. Well, other than Pocahontas and I can live with that because she’s my favorite.

We made it to fall and I’m clinging on to hope. This week, I was writing out my prayers to God and I scribbled something down about His holiness. His beautiful, unchangeable, holiness.

That’s when the lightbulb clicked on.

We can trust God because he is holy and that means he is completely separate from sin.
He doesn’t have even a little sin, and this makes him more than worthy of my trust.

Lord, this fall of 2017, I’m aiming to grow deeper in my ability to trust You. I’m claiming it as my “Trust Fall.” I’m going to put my arms out, close my eyes, and fall back on You.

And if you’re slightly curious about our upcoming word selections my friends,
2018 will be comfortable
2019 will be peaceful and
2020 will be Netflix

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