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Hey, friends. I wrote this in August after a coffee date with one of my beloved girls, just before she left for college. On Sunday, I got to catch up with her briefly between services while she was home for the weekend. It reminded me to scroll through my files and share this with you. Enjoy.

She’s like the character in a book that you imagine yourself to be. I met her when she was in junior high, and she had a radiant soul. After spending more time with her, I started to see she had a little bit of sass mixed in there too, and that made me love her all the more. One of my favorite things about her is that she has worked endlessly on a dream in her heart.

She’s a beautiful ballerina.

Soon, this ballerina will be taking her pointe shoes and heading into battle. She’s a confident young woman that’s madly in love with Christ. As she shops for her dorm room furniture and cute school supplies, she knows what is coming. She’s heading to one of the biggest party schools in our state, and the battle won’t be easy.

She’ll have to keep her head up when she stands out from the crowd. She’ll have to keep her head down as she soaks up God’s word to revive her. She’ll have to surround herself with sisters in Christ for support wherever she can find them, but there’s still one main thing she’ll have to do.

The week leading up to our coffee date, I started talking to God about how he wanted me to encourage her. The morning as she headed to my house, I was still asking God to give me the words she needed. We sipped our coffee with the not-so-peaceful background music of my three little boys. As we chatted about everyday life, our conversation pivoted into something more meaningful.

I asked her if she was nervous, and she let out a little sigh and said, “Yeah.”

She continued to go on about the wonderful upbringing she had and the lack of hardship she has had to endure. She said she knew she was heading into a battle.

The spiritual wisdom of a young woman shining over a cup of coffee is like the sun rising. There is not much that can compete with its beauty.

That’s when God’s words plopped themselves right into my mouth. I always seem to forget that He gives me what I need in His perfect timing. The phrase He laid on my heart was, “Spot Jesus.”

Spot Jesus.

I told this beautiful ballerina, this radiant daughter of Christ, to spot Jesus. When she’s twirling through this battle, while she’s shining her light in a dark place, spot Jesus.

My ballet education is limited, but spotting is a technique that dancers use to prevent getting dizzy. I’m just concluding that this probably helps keep them upright as well. When you spot in ballet, you find a focal point and look at it as long as possible while you are spinning, and then whip your head around to find it as quickly as possible once again.

Although I’m always a little panicky when students leave for this particular school, I’m happy to report that she’s still shining brightly. Her new world may be spinning, but she’s keeping her eyes on Jesus.

Isn’t that true for us all? Maybe we aren’t twirling in tights, but our worlds are spinning regardless.

I’m wondering if you needed that reminder today, friend.

Spot Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him, and dance in all the freedom and peace He has to offer you.

Much love,

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