Umm Is This Real Life?

Did you hear??

Gilmore Girls is making a comeback and Amy Sherman-Palladino will be finishing the series with 4 final episodes on Netflix. 

ggFriends have been texting me like crazy! My friend Liz even said that she won’t judge me if I cry tears of joy over this.

Thanks for that, Liz.

It’s reaching a level of ridiculous and I don’t even care.

Although Richard made the final episode sweet (read yesterday’s post)  and Luke’s end line of “I just like to see you happy” was cute, we want a real ending!
UnknownWhat’s the lesson for today? Good things come to those who wait? Uhh… I don’t know, I think that’s a stretch. How about let’s just celebrate that Gilmore Girls may be coming back!

If you haven’t joined us we are doing 31 days of What Teenage Girls Can Learn from Gilmore Girls! It’s been fun and little sporadic so catch up and join along!




Anybody think  I should get credit for this comeback?? Insert little emoji with the girl raising her hand, “I do, I do!”


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