And Not Puke

I have done you a disservice. I apologize greatly. How could I go this long writing about Gilmore Girls and not talk about Paris!?

Oh, Paris I love you. Not the city, I’ve never been there, the fictional character. Paris 2

Paris is intense. That is the best word for her.

One time she tells Rory, “I want to live my life so that’ll be able to read an in-depth biography about myself in later years and not puke.”

Talk about life goals.

We meet Paris in season one when Rory starts at Chilton. I remember the scene well when Paris is hiding outside of the administrative office and bribed (or intensely intimidated) some of the workers to hand her Rory’s file.

Rory was the new girl, and Paris was scared of the competition.

After a few weeks, Paris’s fear of Rory diminished as Rory struggled to keep up. Rory also caught the attention of Paris’s crush, so to say Rory and Paris were friends right off the back would be a mistake.

We girls get competitive, don’t we? It’s intimidating when a new girl comes around.

Storytime for you from the world of Sara. It’s a little embarrassing but it’s funny so it’s worth sharing.

I was one of the few girls in youth group and quite honestly I liked it that way. That’s a girl for ya.A new girl started named Marissa coming to our youth group just in time to attend our New Year’s Eve lock-in. I wasn’t thrilled. And then she told the whole world that she liked JB. My JB! Are you kidding me?

I’d love to pretend like I was a perfect sweet Christian in high school, but that just wasn’t the case, especially when some cutesy blonde was trying to take my place. No way, sister.

We laughed about it later. We laughed about how I sat right in-between them and probably gave her death stares. Thankfully God redeemed all of that and we became best friends. I have so many great memories with her. She was hilarious and always up for fun. I can’t imagine my teenage years without her, they would have been significantly less entertaining.

Paris and Rory became great friends later too. Is there a girl in your life that you compete with? That you try to out do or compare yourself to? Could you stop maybe?

When we drop the desire to compete, we gain the ability to have great friends. 

Here’s some Paris-ness for you today… enjoy.

Paris 3


Paris 4



1 Paris

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