Walking into a library always inspires me. It has the same inspirational level as a blank notebook & fresh school

There’s creativity in the air and it always pulls me in.

There is one book that sticks out on the shelf of my little library heart. In publishing terms this book was insignificant.  I doubt this book made the New York Bestseller list or got much recognition. Honestly, if I remember correctly my mom purchased it at a gas station souvenir shop. So glamorous, right?

Regardless of all that, the book is a treasure to me. A jewel I found and closed my fist around tightly.  The book was filled with stories, life lessons, and a higher calling to faith than I had experienced before. The book talked about God wanting it all, every room of my life.

The authors shared their stories all in the same breath as they were changing mine.

I closed the book different. Changed. Just as those authors inspired and transformed my story, I hope my writing will do the same for you. I have higher hopes than I should, but the message I have is begging me to share.

Faith in Jesus was never intended to leave us sitting in a church pew with our hands tightly folded, paralyzed to move in hopes that we would never mess up.

Rather, I’d beg to argue that our faith could look like Phoebe running in Central Park.

Full out.

All in.


Let’s give our faith a little enthusiasm.

Scripture is dripping with excitement and a life of faith is expectant of adventure. Don’t miss it. It’s not for someday when you finally feel like a grown-up, it’s for this very day.

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“…his word is on my heart like a fire,

a fire shut up in my bones.

I am weary of holding it in;

indeed, I cannot”

Jeremiah 20:9