Well, hello. I’m Sara.

My life has been much more adventurous than I planned. To be clear,  you won’t catch me posting about climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or white water rafting. I hope. Maybe my friends will talk me into some of those things if they are really persuasive, but it’s not the kind of adventure my heart seeks.

I won’t describe it completely to you now, but as we go along, I hope you’ll understand. I hope you’ll get me.

I hope that what my heart seeks, is what your heart seeks too. It is an adventure we don’t get to map out. For me, I never thought I’d run a coffee shop ministry or be a writer, but here I am.  You have an adventure designed for you too. We all do.

Adventures are waiting for us, let’s get after it.

Like mine, I hope yours involves coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.



The Mom LifeIMG_4231

Johnathan and I have a blast raising these two little ones with one on the way. We’re also exhausted, which I hear is normal. This is me surviving Meijer with a little bribery.



The Perk Coffee House

I like coffee. A lot. So much actually that God made this perfect job for me that includes all my favorite things. Jesus, people, & coffee. The Perk just opened up at the beginning of 2016 and The Perk Coffee Team and I have a lot more up our sleeves for the community of Fort Wayne. Come visit us!


Junior High Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is C.R.A.Z.Y. In the very best way. Those junior highers keep life exciting, fun, and most of all curious. No one goes on an adventure unless they are curious to find something. We learn so much from them and I can’t wait to share some of it in my writing   to you.



I’ve been chugging along in the Master’s program at Huntington University since 2012. This lady just graduated and started practicing at LifeSpring Counseling Center here in Fort Wayne.



Thanks to Huntington Unversity & Denny Howard, I was able to get my dream of writing a book off the ground. The book was finished this summer and I can’t wait to share with you. Actually, I can wait. And I will. But it involves a new approach to faith in a way our generation missed. I’ll be sharing on this site about my journey to getting it published.