When coffee is involved, I’m there.

My ever growing fondness towards those little perfectly roasted beans started in my college days. Give me a cup of coffee and I can sit through any boring lecture my degree requires. Can you catch my fondness towards school too?

When my husband and I first got married, we ran a Youth for Christ program at Delta High School. This ministry met in people’s homes rather than in churches. As the ministry grew, we needed places to connect with our students individually throughout the week.

This is where my heart for ministry & my love for coffee collided into one perfectly beautiful union. Discipleship happens in everyday settings through intentional conversations. Coffee’s just the perk.

It’s a beautiful style of ministry. New and fresh, not fogged by the routines of more traditional ministry. Opening The Perk Coffee Shop in the heart of our church was and is definitely an adventure.  One I knew God created me for. He knew years ago He would assign this adventure to me, and He prepared my heart for it way back in our Youth for Christ days.

It leads me to wonder what adventures He’s prepping you for.