Millennials are the greatest generation America has ever known.

If this statement doesn’t sit well with you, it’s probably for a few reasons…

You’ve never heard it before or you just don’t believe it.

Or maybe, it doesn’t sit well with you because it’s just not true.

Those us that find ourselves a part of the Millennial generation are currently young adults ranging from 19 to 35 years old.¬†If we could throw out some common hashtags that are used to describe our generation it would look like this…









Currently, according to Pew Research Center we are the

least hard-working,

least willing to sacrifice,

least religious

least moral

least self-reliant

& least compassionate generation in America.

Ouch. Right? As a millennial myself, this hurts. It springs up a desire to defend myself saying, “Hey now, I’m not like that!”

But denying our tendencies means we will all remain unchanged. It means that we may raise up an even worse generation to follow us. It may even mean that we leave a negative impact on our country and our world, rather than creating an honorable legacy.

Can we refuse to let this be the end of the story of our generation?

After years of study, I’m hopeful to soon release my insights on our generation. Before I can do this, I need a team of Millennials. I need a team of people that want to change our reputation.

I’m on a journey to get my book published. It’s a book directly to our generation with a message¬†on how to change our course.

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